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Let people know what you know

become an expert in your field

Be proud, to do something many people can't even dream of

Find out what Jack Canfield, bestselling co-author of the book 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' has to say

Listen to an interview by Jack Canfield with Ilona Selke for the Hollywood Live Show

Do you have a story you wish to share?

If you are a coach, a teacher a seminar leader, you want to reach people, in order to teach them what you know.

Neither a website nor YouTube film of yours represents what you are and what you can do.

Books however allow a reader to dive deeply into your inner world and get to know you like nobody else would. Believe me it can move mountains when you write.

A book conveys authority, conveys deep knowledge, attracts people down into the rabbit hole of your particular niche and knowledge.

A book convinces like no other medium that you are the expert.

Write the book, and let ilona selke got you in the process from A-Z.

Study with internationally best-selling author Ilona Selke

I have published 5 books in nine languages over the last 25 years and navigated through the publishing industry from the old school to the new school.

Dream your Dream

- make it come true -

Your skills and your talents are a gift to human evolution.

The knowledge that you share will help others make the step in their evolutionary journey.

The knowledge that you share will also help you make your next step in your evolution.

Writing a book defines you!

It defines what you have learned, and helps others to take their next steps.

By writing you help the world become a better place.

By writing you are letting people know what you know, and no matter where you are in your evolution there will always be people who need to know what you know. You will be a step ahead of somebody who needs to learn what you can teach.

Your book will entice them to take their next step.

Become an inspiration to others and let them find you!

Your work, your writing and your teaching, is your service to the universe and you will leave a legacy.

Your book allows people to find you, to learn to trust you, and to want to take the next step with you in their evolution.

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